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Our Games

We have completed a lot of projects on many platforms throughout many years. And these are some demos.

My Services

I offer premium services, I can produce quality games for event, expo, education, store...

  • Event

    Game for event
    Game for event

    Service Overview

    Game event is an indispensable part mounted in game online, galas, product introduction ...not only expand the playing field for community activities, it is also putting Catching your demand, Mr.Minh Studio will help you build up game events affordably, and support during the event runs smoothly.

  • Expo

    Game for expo
    Game for expo

    Service Overview

    Every year there are a lot of fairs are build up with different scales, this is place to introduce the large and small companies’s product and where visitors approach to the business the best. Therefore, Mr.Minh Studio is the appropriate choice for businesses, developing games for the fair to attract visitor’s attention.

  • Store

    Game for App Store / Google Play Store / Windows Store / Windows Phone Store
  • Education Game

    Games are designed base on educational purposes
  • Social Game

    Games that play on social networks

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